I've been thinking a lot lately about various things (one thing happens to be how I really abhor blogs [certain self-possessed arrogant ones in particular], but that's neither here nor there), and at this point figure that I might as well get them written down in some place or other. Here is as good as anywhere, because this way I don't have to repeat an idea or thought or cause for rage several times to several different people - I can just post the thought, direct my friends to this site, and save myself yet again from the tedious gestures that comprise the maintenance of friendship. Really, who needs social interaction when you have the ability to be a self-published diarist?

Today's brilliant little gem [somewhat gross in scene]:
At the movies this afternoon, as is the case when one has consumed 64oz of diet coke in a one-hour span, I had to use the facilities with some urgency. Of course the bathroom was packed, and I waited in line for a bit before getting my own stall. Since the stall in question had been so immediately occupied, the toilet seat was still warm.

Now let me tell you, a cold toilet seat is no picnic. Far from it. But few things are grosser than the knowledge that your bare behind is currently touching something that some total stranger's bare ass was touching mere seconds before yours. That is gross, ladies and gentlemen. Not gross enough to keep me from using public restrooms, but gross nonetheless. The grossness is compounded when you consider the reason the bare asses have been touching this toilet seat. Truly, the reality of the expulsion of waste matter into a communal receptacle is totally, utterly, and completely gross. And yet we do it all the time.

The moral of the story: don't stop to think. Icky.


workerant said...

Gross. Very Gross

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is Mandy from Northwestern ACWH. I don't have your new e-mail, but I just thought you might like to know if I'm going to be in Capen House. If you have any info, I'd appreciate it!