dinner theater

on sunday night i (irrationally) decided to walk the hundred-plus blocks home from the 13th street movie theater. at 42nd and 8th i made a diet coke stop at Villa Pizza, a very times-square-ish boring faux-new york-style pizza place that was surprisingly packed with tourists considering it was about 11:30pm on a sunday. standing in line i started glazedly watching whatever it was on tv. It was black and white, slow-moving and very important-looking, and I thought to myself, assuming it was a bio of Winston Churchill or a Roosevelt or someone similar, "how unexpectedly classy of this cruddy place to be showing something so highbrow!"

And then I started really paying attention, and it was a CNN documentary on the Holocaust. And the next images on screen - your standard starving prisoners, crying parents, haunted children - were horribly juxtaposed with the seventeen varieties of pizza and fat fanny-pack wearers and british tourists giddied by all the high-quality orthodontia. To top it off, I think I was the only one in the restaurant who noticed that the entertainment we were all being fed - and that we were all subconsciously absorbing - was essentially a photo montage of conditions in arguably the worst prison camps in history, set to a soundtrack of "Whoa, wasn't Wicked, like, wicked?" "Do you have just plain pepperoni?" "Can't we just leave?" So I left, and I walked the rest of the 70 blocks home.

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