mysterious mysteries

Lazily and extravagantly cabbing it to work this morning, my friendly driver noted that we were behind a town car with New Jersey mayoral plates, the license number for which was: 1

What Joisey mayor has such a coveted registration? Someone supersleuth this for me. Winner gets a fabulous prize.*

*"fabulous" is a relative term. For example, I think single-serving packets of cream cheese are fabulous. On the other hand, I think single-serving packets of fruit snacks are silly. Still, fabulous prizes are necessarily fabulous. So take comfort in that.


The dirtiest Puss said...

Hey h~

Fabulous in my book means a tasty treat. A tastie treat means slobberin down on those slimy tittiez of yours! Hope i win the grand prize!

Yours Truly,
J . Rubiez

Jordan said...

It is exactly who you'd expect #1 to be:

Douglas Palmer, mayor of Trenton (state capital)

so when do I get my sexy reward?

helen said...

who ever said it was sexy? jordan, don't sell me short.