the inevitable onset

i bought two CDs today as a birthday present for a friend. Instead of going into some quirky nonchain music store and browsing until I fell into a cover-art-induced stupor and bought any album that has track titles which reference math or philosophy (my usual CD-buying MO, which incidentally has lead to the discovery of a terrific number of more-obscure-than-thou hipster bands, in certain circles lending me an indie credence that I really don't deserve), I did some online research, looked up the location of the nearest music store, called ahead, and had them pull out the albums and hold them for me behind the counter. Then, on a coffee break, I spent a grand total of 1 minute in the store, in which time I went to the register and paid. The end.

I did the same basic operation last week when buying new drinking glasses and a vegetable slicer (see previous entry) at Williams-Sonoma (they were on sale!), and yesterday when buying basic white plates at Crate & Barrel (also on sale, stop it). Also when buying a sweater from Banana Republic two weeks ago that I knew without even trying on that I would love.

Basically, I have become one of them. Those time-starved yuppie bastards who forgo interpersonal contact or leisurely browsing in favor of efficiency efficiency efficiency. Alas. It was bound to happen eventually.

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