it's tuesday! that means it’s GLOSSARY DAY

Today’s theme: words I helped make up

bironic (bye-RON-ick), adj. Ironically bisexual.
source: “wow, that guy in the flowy white shirt with the blow-dried hair is very Byronic.”
“what does that mean?”
“reminiscent of Lord Byron (1788-1824), archetypal romantic poet.”*
“oh. I like my meaning I just made up right now a lot better.”

This word is so good that I really think it’s more than enough for today. You know that you know at least six people to whom this term applies. Five are girls from college who liked to make out whenever they got half a beer in them and knew that people were watching, and the sixth is that guy who always made you feel a little weird whenever he told you your hair looked really good today, and could he touch it? And he told you that all the freaking time.
Anyway, tell your friends & neighbors. Let’s get “bironic” in the OED.

*It is interesting to note that Lord Byron was, in all likelihood, both Byronic and bironic. This fact makes me inordinately happy. Check it out:

He kind of looks like Jude Law, now that I think of it.

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Leila said...

Didn't Byron and Shelley (who, p.s., wins "gayest name ever" award....hee, Bysshe) and Mary Shelley have some dramatic bironic love triangle?