musical interlude

Okay, this is ridiculous. All you people who are friends of mine who live in New York ought to be ashamed of yourselves. The Decemberists are a band so awesome it hurts me, and they are so widely acknowledged to be awesome that I am almost embarrassed that I am so into them because it undermines what shreds of indie cred I actually have leftover after spending the majority of my indie cred on the cojones it takes to walk around Manhattan wearing Converse All-Stars and unnecessarily geeky glasses. And The Decemberists are playing a concert next Wednesday, October 5th, and I have tickets to that concert, and NONE OF YOU PEOPLE like this band enough to go see them with me.

... or else, hope against hope, you just didn't know about the concert? And you didn't know I had an extra ticket? And you really want to go with me? And you're going to email me now about it?

Correct answer.
also let me know if you like josh ritter, death cab for cutie, or andrew bird. 'cause they're on the horizon.

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