too little too late

David Corn in The Nation:

a moment like this shows Bush's weaknesses. He was late to respond (again!) and his rhetoric was hollow (no surprise). Yesterday he declared, "America will be a stronger place for it." Puh-lease. Did he ask his speechwriters for the most empty platitude they could concoct? Then today he proclaimed there would be "zero tolerance" for looters. But if I were stuck in New Orleans, waiting for help from a government that had failed me, and my family was without water, food or clothes, I'd grab what I could from where I could. I'd worry about payment later. Sure, some looters are criminals exploiting the emergency. But many are people trying to survive. Who would watch their kids go hungry rather than break a window at a Winn-Dixie? Not me. Call me pro-looting-when-it's-necessary.

When Bush is insensitive when it comes to the war in Iraq, an action he spearheaded, we can justify it as defensiveness, a stubborn refusal to back down and admit he was wrong. But insensitivity to the victims of a natural disaster that can't in any real way be blamed on anyone - that shows his (and his administration's) true colors. There's only so much we can take.

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