an AIM exegesis

adam: I am mesmerized by "ooh oh this my shit"
helen: i love the grammatical construction of "it's not just gonna have been like that"
helen: it's declarative yet non-declarative! the verb tense is subtly nuanced!
adam: it is practically alfred, lord tennyson
helen: going to (future perfect) have been (past perfect)
helen: does this refer to now?! does this mean it already happened?! does this mean it will happen shortly!?
helen: we do not know!!!
helen: it's genius
adam: it is a tapestry of meaning
helen: but even more importantly
helen: it is NOT just going to have been like that
helen: so at what point is it NOT the case? we need to find proof of nonexistence!
helen: which is impossible!
adam: meta
helen: which means in order to actually figure out when it is not just going to have been like that, we have to identify all the times when it IS just going to have been like that, and then fill in the holes
helen: it is genius
adam: not unlike the filling of the holes in this video*
helen: though if we're going to keep the analysis going, in that video holes are not actually filled. Rather, they are emptied
helen: again, the negative is the positive
adam: well, the first one was originally filled
adam: and the intent is to fill the other hole
helen: right, but the video is ABOUT emptying
adam: and attempt at filling
helen: but it's clear from the video that the banana doesn't actually *fill* the recipient's mouth
helen: it occupies it, sure
helen: but there isn't actual filling happening, in the sense of "no additional room"
adam: in the anus, there was little additional room
adam: that is plausible for filling
adam: I can fill a glass without have the water go all the way to the brim
helen: but when you shoot something out of your ass, your ass is no longer full!
adam: I was referring to what happened BEFORE the video
adam: which is clearly REFERENCED by the video
helen: but that's not the video!
helen: you can’t do that.
helen: you can't analyze the document based on assumed context
helen: you don't know how the banana got up there
adam: how else?
adam: I am watching it RIGHT NOW
helen: so any ass-filling going on over there?
adam: look, it got there somehow
helen: but you don't know how
helen: you can't include it in your analysis
adam: look. let's say you see a glass of water on the table
adam: you don't know how the water got there
adam: possibly god placed it there
adam: but you still consider the glass FILLED
helen: okay, i think we're missing the point here
helen: which is:
helen: the video is not about the ass being filled. the video is about the ass being emptied.
adam: we will have to agree to disagree
helen: if it were about it being filled, it would have included the stuffing up the ass of the banana!
adam: I am sending that IM to your mom

*THIS IS HORRIBLY HORRIBLY NSFW. consider yourself warned.

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