actually, i've been really into this one eyeshadow from brooklyn lately

you might not realize this, but the endless struggle to be a hipster is actually pretty trying. there is the disaffected posture to adopt, the obscure television trivia to retain, the appreciation for lowbrow/lowbrow to cultivate. it is, let me tell you, hell on my beauty regimen. with all the time spent ensuring that my chucks are distressed and making sure people see me listening to my ipod and double-checking that my scarf is draped just so, i barely have time to smudge my eyeliner - let alone deep condition my hair. but with winter upon us (happy belated thanksgiving, everybody), and a fair bit of making out with people on the schedule for the holiday season, i can't skimp when it comes to lip maintenance. so i popped off to my friendly local duane reade looking for something that would fit into my hectic lifestyle - something moisturizing, but also light. something with a hint of color. something that smelled yummy. something that spoke to me.

And there it was. Cover Girl Lipslicks. 0.14oz of lightly tinted, shimmery, emollient goodness. but - oh! - too many colors! which one will perfectly complement my self-identication, the lipgloss equivalent of a message t-shirt?! did i want to wear the sparkling pink of "princess"? the cool mauve of "demure"? the rich grape of "daring"? (the cover girl website informs me that this shade is not available in canada - intrigue!)

don't kid around with me. the right choice - for my lips, for my lifestyle - is obvious: "hipster" - a pearlescent wine color that says "even though i buy my lipgloss at a drug store, i am DIFFERENT and INDIE!"

so which is sadder: that cover girl makes a lip gloss called "hipster," or - as i sit here typing this narrative, noting with a certain happiness that my lips are soft and nicely shimmery and emitting a vaguely berry smell - that i'm wearing it?


LJD said...

I'm not surprised they don't sell "daring" in Canada. It's probably marketed as "fatuous" here.

Anonymous said...

I have about 13 applications left in my tube of Covergirl Lipslicks in Daring (we're talkin' scraping it out with a lip brush!) which I bought in Canada back when someone mistakenly dropped a box off here, I guess. And I'm dying for more...but I think it's true. Not enough daring Canadian girls!! How sad...