things that are awesome

Inspired by the devil's rhubarb, a list of other people, places, and things possessing the quality of awesomeness:

  1. frisee lettuce
  2. small children who are concentrating very hard
  3. talking and while you are talking realizing that the sentence you are saying is going to wind up having a really convoluted grammatical structure, and then realizing that you handled it perfectly, and then marveling that you were able to have that whole thought process going on at exactly the same time that you pulled that stunt of grammatical brilliance, and then feeling really proud of yourself
  4. flannel sheets
  5. the knowledge that pasta tossed with garlic sauteed in olive oil and topped with fresh parmesan is, on a per-serving basis, only about ten cents more expensive than ramen noodles
  6. the Tappan Zee bridge
  7. stuffed animals made of polarfleece
  8. paint-your-own pottery
  9. the feeling of superiority engendered by the express train on which you are riding hurtling past a station where there are many people waiting
  10. masking tape
  11. piggy banks
  12. Annie Lennox
  13. dull gloss paper
  14. books of unconventional size
  15. penguins
  16. your sense of what cloudberries look like, prior to learning what cloudberries actually look like
  17. pthalo green
  18. drawing a line through the diagonal on a lowercase Z
  19. really fast-moving escalators
Feel free to add or annotate in the comments. This is not by any means an exhaustive list.


laurel said...

20. the smell of oil paint
21. gill sans lowercase g, though emphatically not eric gill himself

Anonymous said...

The number of times that #3 happened in debate rounds is almost beyond fathoming.

Jordan said...

I'd like to protest the presence of the TappanZee Bridge on the list of awesomeness.

it doesn't take traffic well, its long, and overpriced and boring.

Motion to strike it from the record. and the hudson.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with Jordan. Boo to the Tappan Zee. The 40 minutes I spend on it each day are no fun.

Though I must give a shoutout to the secret underground "HELP" crew of the Tappan Zee. They rock.

one addition:
22. www.overheardinnewyork.com

- Beth

Naugler said...

Flannel SHIRTS

unexpected baked goods

getting inside just before it starts to pour

being checked out by attractive people you don't know on the street

Anonymous said...

Holy Jesus Monkey, you're right! My sense of what a cloudberry might look like before I Google Imaged cloudberries was indeed awesome! In fact, I must contact the Non Existant Creator of the Universe and tell him that my image of cloudberries is much better than the present one in hopes of seeing some change in the next million years.

my additions:

-Kraft macaroni and cheese
-telling your boss to grow up and do it him/her self

Jess said...

Peeling off a nose strip and contemplating the gunk that came out of your pores.