beating the system, part two

A while back, I enlightened penny-pinching poverts like myself in the ways of ripping off Au Bon Pain for a tomato/pesto/mozzarella sandwich for significantly less than their suggested $6.99 sale price. No, let's not say "ripping off" - so fraught with judgment. I prefer to think of the sandwich as being, let's say, liberated.

Well in the time since that post I have become both more poor and, correspondingly, more interested in ways to spend less money to acquire more goods & services. I was reminded this afternoon when I stopped into McDonald's to get some coffee that if it's a good deed to take down the faceless behemoth corporations, it must be doubly so to spread the word to others. So my good deed for the day: two new ways you can (insert theme music here) beat! the! system!

Yeah, I know. McD's is gross, it's evil, whatever. But here is the amazing thing, that will sort of make you want to eat there even if you're not hungry, just so you can send the golden arches a big ol' bronx cheer. The amazing thing is: the dollar menu. On this dollar menu, at least at the McDonald's near my office, there is your usual complement of crapola such as the chicken fajita (wtf, man. wtf), and then there is the shining beacon of heavenly poultry goodness: four chicken mcnuggets for $1.00.

Intrepid diners will have looked elsewhere on the menu and noticed that SIX chicken mcnuggets are a whopping $2.89. And the math geniuses among us will note that you can buy THREE four-piece chicken nuggets for a scant $0.11 more, pre-tax. That, ladies and gentlemen, is twice the nugget for (rounding up) 4% more of the cheddar. Throw in the free dipping sauce, and you are blasting holes in the pockets of corporate america. And/or supplying yourself with some delicious - albeit horrifically unhealthy - fried bits of bird.

This one is old news. A Starbucks cafe mocha is, like, a million dollars. But a Starbucks hot chocolate is only HALF a million dollars. Add a shot of espresso (less than a dollar) to your hot chocolate, and you've got - functionally - a cafe mocha. Mia used to work at Starbucks and swears you in fact receiving an identical drink. Plus, the whipped cream is free.

Another fun trick, courtesy of Amanda:

  1. 1. order two shots of espresso over ice for a grand total of maybe two bucks.
  2. At the accoutrements counter, fill your li'l plastic cup the rest of the way up with whatever combination of milk, cream, sugar, and powdery toppings your heart desires.
  3. Brag loudly about your cheap-as-shit Iced Americano.

Like I have just now decided to always say, it's not stealing if you're paying for something.* Bon appetit!

*but of course, illegal behavior is not endorsed either by this depressingly low-traffic blog or the perhaps horribly underpaid girl who writes it. stealing is wrong, my friends. don't do it.

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LJD said...

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