or one sixth of a pair of jimmy choos

For those of you who are not living under a rock, you know that the New York Transit Worker's Union is gettin' its strike on right now. For those of you who are stalking me, you know that I live on 112th street, and work on 4th street. For those of you who can do math, you know that that's a 108-block walk (closer to 115 if you include the east-west aspect). For those of you who have been paying attention to the wacky-ass zone system that has been imposed on the city's cabs, you'll note that that's a theoretical $25, which in reality, when you realize that the vast majority of cab drivers are capitalist opportunists who are gouging like motherfuck, is about $35.

All of this is preface to the fact that I'm staying with friends who live closer to work than I do, but I need clothing to wear to work tomorrow. There's a Gap a block away from my office. For less than $70 - the cost of a cab ride home and back - I can acquire two pairs of underwear, two tshirts, a cardigan sweater, and two pairs of socks. For good measure, I can even get a clearance belt, and even a whimsical flowery pin or two. If I were to do this shopping at the K-Mart around the corner from the Gap, I could even throw in a toaster.

In other news, if you are bored or concerned that you are growing stonehearted in the face of painfully selfish Transit Union bosses or in need of some kittens to look at, please visit Cute Overload. Greater minds than mine have compared its potency to that of a nuclear weapon. It gets everybody. Everybody.


Leila said...

Helen, I hate the strike. Most especially because I live uptown. I've been sleeping at work.

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