Beating The System is a way of life

I don't even like chicken mcnuggets, but I do very much enjoy the value inherent in the price discrepancy between the 4 piece and 6 piece mcnuggets. So I'm watching the Golden Globes (let's discuss how awful Gwyneth Paltrow looks, shall we? And how marvelous Hugh Laurie is, and that Catherine Deneuve is re-freaking-diculous) and in between sneezing viciously and wanting to die beacause of my horrible cold, there was a commercial.

"It's coming," said the commercial. "It's almost here."

Friends, it looks as if McDonald's - like the New York times - reads yours truly. Because the 6-piece chicken nugget box is now ALSO $1. Which makes one wonder under what circumstances anyone would ever order a 4-piece. And now the per-nugget value is even greater between the 6- and the 9-piece than it ever was between the 4 and 6. So there we go.

And a quick note of thanks to those who emailed me about the slate article about how you can get a "short" sized cappuccino at Starbuck's. I actually stopped by my friendly neighborhood Starbucks (one of the five within 2 blocks of my office) and asked if they'd seen an upswing in orders of short-sized drinks since the article ran. Not only did the barista (baristo? it was a dude) not have any clue what I was talking about, but he informed me that you can get a short-size of ANY drink. My Starbucks inside man (inside woman!), Mia, tells me that when she worked at the 'bucks people ordered shorts all the time, and that especially with drinks like the cappuccino it's a waaay better value because you get the same amount of coffee and just less milk. So damn the man, drink the ... short.

Adam J. also provided an interesting beat-the-system observation when it comes to ordering the pasta at Mario Batali's new uber-restaurant, Del Posto. He noted that you can get "tris," a tasting of your choice of three of the pastas, for $27 per person. But only two of the twelve or so pastas on the menu are $27 or more, and our waiter told us that the "tris" involves just short of a third of a portion. So if you're in the market for highly upscale dining but you still want to beat the system, just for the hell of it, 'cause god knows if you're eating at Del Posto the three bucks you save isn't going to make much of a difference when it comes time to run the books, well - don't order the "tris," boys and girls.

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thä Dýna§ý said...

I am probably going to get some of those nuggest for lunch and i am a nutrition freak too but i dont care $$$