how about a Kobe beef hamburger?

Hilarious typo of the day, from the Freakonomics blog:

What will the sumo wrestlers teach Shaq? According to this story on ESPN.com, Pat Riley is thinking about brining in some sumo wrestlers to help improve his game.
Brining, of course, is the cooking technique of pre-soaking meat in a salty solution prior to cooking in order to ensure juiciness. Not that I'm doubting that sumo wrestlers are salty, or that with some ingenuity one could liquefy them. I'm more curious how many sumo wrestlers one needs until one has enough for Pat Riley to brine himself in. Or how Pat Riley brining himself helps Shaq's game. And then of course, the next sentence,
Riley’s hope is that the battering they give him will better prepare Shaq for game conditions.
raises all kinds of questions re: battering. Beer-based? Cake batter? Butter batter?

The moral of the story: foodies shouldn't read about sports, 'cause we ask stupid questions.

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