i never could get the hang of thursdays

I stopped at a coffee vendor on Broadway this morning between the subway and work to get some sort of perk-me-up thing before heading in to the office. A cup of coffee from this cart, run by an affable eastern european guy in his mid-sixties and someone who might be his son or nephew but who definitely is extremely unattractive, smells bad, and speaks no english. The following ensued:

me: (shouting over the wind) One black coffee please!
coffee guy: What?!
me: Black coffee!
coffee guy: Fifty cents!

I fumble in my bag for my wallet, fumble in my wallet for a dollar bill. I hand him the one. The coffee guy's unattractive, smelly coworker pours me a cup of coffee and hands it to me. They turn to the next customer.

me: (still shouting over the wind) My change! (I'm poor, I can't let fifty cents slip away)

The coffee guy turns to the unattractive smelly guy. They converse in a non-english language. The unattractive smelly guy turns to me and offers something in his hand. I put up my hand to take it. It is

me: An egg?!
coffee guy: We have no change! Egg is same price as change!

So, thanks to the magic of the barter system, I had an egg for breakfast. Seriously this isn't something I feel like spending too much time analyzing. It was like all of a sudden I was in pre-WWII agrarian Europe. Which is a lot to handle on a Thursday morning.

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