it's like finding the ship full of gold in The Goonies

Mia and Leila and I were sort of halfheartedly going through the crap up in our storage loft and I was like "hey, what's in your blue rubbermaid container?" and Mia was like "dude, I don't have a blue rubbermaid container" and Leila was like "dude, I don't even live here." So we opened it. And it was full of porn (and some other stuff, but the porn was obviously the most interesting).

So anyway our exploits are documented here and here.

PS. as creepily intriguing as a totally mysterious box o' porn might be, in response to numerous inquiries: sorry, its owner is pretty determinable. jury's out on whether that makes it more or less gross.

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Kat said...

I vote for 'more gross'. If that is possible, that is.

colleen said...

I'd really just like my box of porn back.