out with the bathwater

The devastatingly attractive and oddly placenta-obsessed (more on that in a moment) WK suggests that the best way to increase my site traffic is to post more about sex, but it's totally weird to me that the vast majority of random google searches directing people here to RSGo are not related to my previous postings about, say, double dongs or fetuses, but rather are in some way related to the phrase "crispy chicken nuggets." i had no idea there was such a demand for this sort of chickeny information. i had no idea i was so high up the food chain in terms of supplying it. Perhaps i will switch over to an all-nugget, all the time format rather than the occasional overanalyzed observation on the quirky nuances of life or whatever.

Now let's turn to another icky food practice: some people eat their own placentas. For some reason Kat is enamored of this idea. To wit, the following IM conversation:

WK: hey when i'm preg i'm going to cook my placenta, do you want to come over for dinner that night?
WK: i'm going to bake it into ziti or something
Helen: i would rather stab myself in the eye, but thank you for the offer
GROSS GROSS GROSS GROSS GROSS. don't even try defending this practice. High in protein and B-vitamins my ass. Eat a steak and take a multivitamin. DO NOT EAT THINGS THAT COME OUT OF YOUR BODY. If you would like to read a recipe for Roast Placenta, i am no longer your friend.

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Naugler said...

I have to ask then, is it as a rule, acceptable to eat things that come out of other people's bodies? I mean, at one point or another most of us drank breat milk, which many claim is absolutely vital to early childhood development and mother-child bonding.
I think what I'm suggesting is that it would be way grosser for you to eat your own placenta than Kat's.

Love Kpop said...

I like to get up early to go out and breathe fresh air. I feel that it is good for health and a good habit