the triumphant return of Tuesday Glossaries

Larry David is, by most people's accounts, a pretty funny guy. I can go with that. I don't really see the genius that people seem to find in Curb Your Enthusiasm, and I'm one of the few Jews living in New York who thinks Seinfeld is eh, okay. But the man has made a bazillion dollars off of putatively being funny, and I make minimum wage correcting people's grammar, so I'm really not coming at this from a position of authority.

So he has this article in the NYTimes right now which is, apparently, supposed to be funny. Except it's totally not. Besides the fact that Brokeback Mountain is so 2005, the article just falls flat on its ass. It's clear that the poor kid is trying to be funny - there are all the standard humor indicators: self-reference, self-doubt, the sort of neurotic constant justification of flaws that underscores the humor that typifies Seinfeld and CYE - but it just fails.

So today's Tuesday Glossary is an unconventional one: I've got a definition, but I don't have a word. Help, please? This is why God invented the comments section.

[insert word here], adj: Trying really hard to be funny, but failing miserably in an intangible way. Most homegrown parodies of The Onion tend to fall into this category, and, increasingly, The Onion itself. Also, as above, the Larry David op-ed in the Times.

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For some reason, this word sounds to me like what you're looking for:



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