Tuesday Glossaries, froggy style

Today's glossary covers a word that is a) existent; b) an actual word, as opposed to a phrase; and c) not invented by me or the internet. So in that respect it marks a new chapter in the irregular but storied history of Tuesday Glossaries, and I believe we should thusly accord it a great deal of respect. Today's word is:

amplexus (am-plex-iss), n. The definition gets pretty gnarly when you're using the internet as a source, with entries ranging from the obtuse:

Sexual embrace of anurans; the grasping of the female's body by the male's forelimbs from a dorsal position just above the hind legs. The grip is usually quite strong, and is not released until oviposition is completed. (source)
to the awesome:
The mating position of frogs and toads. The male "hugs" the female and waits for her to lay eggs so that he can fertilize them. Amplexus can last for hours, or sometimes even days. While the frogs are in amplexus, the female swims or hops away from danger, and the male gets a piggy-back ride. (source)
But shortly defined, amplexus is: frogs doin' it. Or, more generally, anyone doin' it. Which gives us opportunity for fun on a "your epidermis is showing" scale, such as saying to your friend "hey, you're looking amplexic today." To which she will respond "really? Ugh, I should eat more protein." And you can twitter with the knowledge that what you were really saying was: you look slutty. And froglike.

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