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I'm po'.

As a result of my po'ness (po'verty?), when I am not working my delicious day job of grammar and recipes I am doing lots of standing up at the front of a room talking about the LSAT to people who under no circumstances would I want to represent me in a court of law. But it pays well, and it's fun, so no complaints.

Except that. Except that tomorrow I agreed to go to Staten Island to spend 90 minutes convincing people to sign up for an LSAT prep course. Let's recap: Staten Island. My mental associations with Staten Island include: Melanie Griffith in Working Girl ("I've got a head for business, and a bod for sin." [no, that was not a typo. She actually says "bod," no Y]). Oh, and apparently they have a landfill there.

But I can deal with this. I'm a resilient gal, I can get up early on a Saturday and catch the 9:30 ferry to make it there in time to teach my 10:30 class. Except that I, genius that I am (I wouldn't want me to represent me in a court of law either, though I'm marginally preferable to most of the other folks who are taking the LSAT), misread the assignment and it actually starts at 10:00am. Which means I have to take the 8:30 ferry. Which means I will have 30 minuts to kill. In Staten. Fucking. Island.

Suggestions welcome for ways to amuse myself. There's only so many times I can put on that little-girl voice and say "bod for sin" and try to steal Harrison Ford from Sigourney Weaver before it stops being funny... or is there?

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Kat said...

You can kill about 15 minutes saying "Sta'in Island" in the same manner that I say "New Bri'ain"...