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I never used to watch TV until i got tivo, and now i am a crazed television addict who, by way of example, is upset on Monday mornings not because it's Monday and I have to go to work, but rather because none of the shows with which I am obsessed air new episodes on Monday, and my life feels empty. Lucky for all of us that I don't blog about my television obsessions, because this week would likely run along the lines of:

February 6
ooh tomorrow is Tuesday! I wonder when House will be back on. Mmm Hugh Laurie.

February 7
Hee hee Scrubs is so witty. Mmm Zach Braff.

February 8
ANTM!!! Mmm Nigel. oh wait it's February. Project Runway!!!!!! Mmm Daniel V.

February 9
Beauty and the Geek is so underrated. Mmm, Wes.

February 10
hurrah, there's a new Family Guy AND a new Iron Chef America this Sunday! Oh no, what am I going to do until then? (ps. Mmm brian the dog)
Anyway it's clear this would be bad for everyone. So I'm very glad that Leila picks up the slack, recapping and overanalyzing at the very least Project Runway, where she shares my love for Daniel V. and has in fact christened him as "My Gay Boyfriend Daniel V.," and speaking of V. i am v. impressed with her restraint in not yet acronyming it to MGBDV which I probably would have done after a single usage. Though it raises the interesting semantic question of whether when referring to him I should actually modify the name/acronym to "YGBDV" when talking to Leila directly, or "LGBDV" when discussing the matter with third parties. It's like when I was 6 and in Hebrew School and they pointed out to us around Hanukkah time that dreidels, whose lettered sides N G H and Sh stand for a phrase which translates to "a great miracle happened there," in Israel had different letters on them because the great miracle in question actually happened right there, so it's N G H and P for "a great miracle happened here" and my mind was blown because holy crap what if you took an Iraeli dreidel and took it out of Israel because THEN THE DREIDEL WOULD BE LYING and for the love of god we can't have that.

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EL said...

Frankly, any acronym that starts with "LGB" and ends with the letters V and D (in any order) just can't be good.

EL said...

Also, don't you mean "for the love of G-d?"

James said...

Hugh Laurie is so annoying, wtf...

Also, MBBZB >> anyone else... (and yes, the second B is probably wishful thinking)

Leila said...

I think he's OMGBDV (Our Mutual Gay Boyfriend, Daniel V.).

Naugler said...

I am shocked and appauled that you don;t watch LOST, Helen.

Josh said...

i still recommend you check out the DVDs for Six Feet Under . . .