my love is like ...

So a few weeks ago WK introduced me to this idea of "cultural capital," which is basically when you know stuff like who Haydn is and how to do a crossword puzzle, which is something I had always sort of thought of as "eltitism" or "pretension," and which I totally aspire to the possession of to a sort of embarrassing degree.

Anyway I had this moment of genius the other day and it made me laugh for hours, and I decided to turn it into a t-shirt, and then I showed it to people and they didn't really get it,* and thus didn't think it was funny. They're wrong. It's hilarious. It is possibly the best t-shirt of all time. Here it is:

click to make the image bigger and see how kickass the art is

Admit it. You are dying of awesomeness. You know what you should do? You should - I am not kidding - buy a shirt. Or a sticker or whatever. I'm not picky. Perfect for the English major who has everything.

*fine, i'll explain it. Evelyn Waugh (pictured) is an author who wrote stuff, and who I learned in the course of doing google image searches in order to draw this picture looks sort of like a cross between Cary Elwes and Adolf Hitler. Also he is snarly. His last name is pronounced sort of like "whoa," though if we're being technical it's more like "waw" but then the joke isn't as funny. Get it? "It's like whoa." Sample sentence: "This 'it's like Waugh' shirt is like whoa." You now have +5 cultural capital points, which are like hit points but are only good during NPR pledge week.


Sophie said...

You may be happy to know that your blog was passionately discussed by several high school sophomores at a lunch table. You may have groupies soon.

jacqui said...

helen, i'd buy the shirt if it didn't come in a) ugly white or b) fuckin girl sizes. expand your merch and i'm in.

Lucy said...

A bit nerdy though. Luckily I love nerdy.