some facts

- in keeping with the theme, Saturday’s OED word of the day was “stroke.”

- RSGo is the top search result if you google “sheep stomach recipes.”

- The Shake Shack, my single favorite food experience in literally the entire world, reopens tomorrow, the first day of spring. If you don’t live in New York, you should come visit this fair city for the sole purpose of having a shackburger (or, if you’re a vegetarian, one of their ingenious and brain-destroyingly delicious portobello burgers) and cheese fries, and I will let you stay on my futon. If you live in New York and have never been, you are on probation. If you do or do not live in New York, and you’ve been, and you don’t like it, you should consider being evaluated for nerve damage, and also you are no longer my friend. I can’t overestimate this place. I cannot sing its praises too loudly. The Shake Shack is worth being fat for.

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Mart said...

[[Referred by Laurel]]

It appears I'm on probation. I'll definitely have to check out your Shake Shack, but since I used to live literally around the corner from Paul's it seemed gauche and unnecessary to even consider other burger joints.