this is my confession

I have a horrible action to own up to. I did something unforgivable today, and I'm scared that there's no turning back.

I've been thinking about doing this for a while now. At first, it seemed repulsive - just the thought of it made me shriek and mock and shudder in horror. But over time, the idea of it wore away at me until it seemed attractive, even glamorous. And today I just couldn't help myself.

I did it. I bought a pair of black capri-length leggings. Which I will wear to places that are not the gym, possibly under skirts and dresses. I realize this is something I promised to do as part of my Celebrity Behavior during RSGo Hollywood Week, but I didn't really think I'd follow through on my own promises (note that, for example, I am not a UN Goodwill Ambassador, nor am I squinty [except when trying to see long distances in the dark without my glasses]).

But Ashlee Simpson does this. So does Hilary Duff. I think Lindsay might, too, when she's not all gothed up in Chanel in her desperate bid to be Karl Lagerfeld's new hag. And sure, I'm about five months behind this Rachel Zoe-meets-Olsen Twin trend, which has been gobbling up the slender calves of the NYU students who flock around my office building, but I'm a grown woman for chrissakes. I am twenty-freaking-four years old. I should not be succumbing to trends like this.

Except they are such awesome trends. So pretty. I have been craving the return of leggings since 1991, when I had to give up my black lycras that had a neon-pink racing stripe up the side. So I give myself over to the leggings trend with all my heart, with all my soul. I will wear them with heels and with sneakers and with ballet flats. But thankfully I don't own cowboy boots. It can't get that far.



ljd said...

I guess maybe I can partly forgive this as a continuation of the skirts-over-pants Smith style.


ljd said...

If you wear them with a "winter sandal," though, there will be no forgiveness.

Kat said...

Picture. PICTURE!!

Elsa said...

Helen, for solidarity’s sake, I should tell you that I bought some leggings at Target last week under the guise of buying new workout wear, but have had much more fun traipsing around my room in them (complemented by a black tunic and vintage 1920s red + gold satin heels). Maybe someday this outfit will see the light of day – I’m just not sure Pennsylvania is ready for the hotness.