Tuesday Glossaries are 93 Years Old and Crazy

I get some mighty strange letters at work. Most are tossed, ignored, or passed on to someone else. But a few weeks ago I got a letter - shaky writing, neon pink paper - that began "Dear Gentlemen," (note: I am a singular female).

"Dear Gentlemen, This is the fourth time I have written. I am inquiring about the fantasy calendar, which I have been collecting since 1983. I am very sad that I could not find the calendar for 2006, as now my collection streak is broken. I am ninety-three years old."
Well of course I'm a nice person so I packed up a copy of the calendar (your standard-issue buxom gals wearing iron bikinis riding around on dragons sort of prison-wall fodder) and sent it to the somewhat insistent ninety-three year old man with a note apologizing for not having received his prior letter, and offering the calendar with my compliments. And then today I get this in the mail:

click to enlarge
This is, in a word, psychedelic. I would like to note for the record that I have no idea who or what The Goat Boy is, and as far as I'm aware there are no Guns Or Modern Weapons in the calendar. But I totally support the More Nudity Fine - Great position, and am (actually) touched by the Katrina reference. The clear highlight, however, is the word Epoculips, which inexplicably appears on the back of the letter along with a fairly confusing compliment of the Lovely Lady Beside [Me} (where?). So that is this week's (this month's?) Tuesday (Monday) Glossary.
Epoculips (ee-pock-uh-lips), n. Definition wholly unknown.


Kat said...

Ani DiFranco's drummer was called Goat Boy. I bet that is what he is referencing.

What ABOUT goat boy...


Anonymous said...

Apocalypse, maybe? It is a hard word to spell...

Anonymous said...

Okay, this is an anachronistic pin-up calendar, right? So clearly we can break this word down to its roots:

Epoc(h), n, an age (gone by)
Lips, n, pl., a key feature of pin-up girls

Epoculips, n, the key feature of pin-up girls of a bygone era

Sentence: "Man, I bet Andy Duphrene in the 'Shawshank Redemption' totally made out with Raquel Welch's epoculips between digs."