giving in

You know how I kind of hate Brooklyn? I do, kind of, because it's, like, full of young people who are hip and idealistic. And being a young person myself, and appropriately cynical considering the amount of black clothing i wear, and (I might as well admit it) having aspirations of hipness, and at least idealizing idealism, I find Brooklyn to be sort of the epitome of giving in to exactly what's expected of me. So it's with some pride that I tell people, "oh, yes, well, I live in Harlem," because it is just never what they're expecting. Because what they're expecting is "yeah, I live in Brooklyn," and then we'll have a conversation on the relative merits of brunch places in Park Slope or how totally annoying the G train is. Barf.

Right. So. I am moving to Brooklyn.

But, and here is the important thing, it is THE MOST AWESOME APARTMENT IN THE WORLD. Here are the floor plans, so that you can be consumed with jealousy/plan your ninja attack on me while I sleep:

Come on. Admit it. You totally just had to change your underwear.

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Colleen said...

i didnt like read this post or anything, but BUT, I was just shredding some clothing when a new word came to me. I thought maybe you could use it on a Tuesday. The word is: Avrilier.
"I was cutting the cuffs on my sweatshirt and was about to throw them away when I thought, THESE would make awesome WRISTBANDS!!! I'm so Avrilier it hurts sometimes."

And it sure does hurt. My eyes.