crooklyn is two weeks late

sometimes things fall in your lap exactly when you need them. this is serendipity, or perhaps coincidence. it's pretty rad when it happens, and you sort of feel like the world is actually working in your favor.

sometimes things fall in your lap, but they're twelve days behind schedule and could have been way more excellent had they actually shown up on time. for example this cartoon, which is the New Yorker Cartoon Of The Week, emailed to me every Sunday, which would have been awesome as an illustration for my post on getting janked* by mafioso russian movers.

*I'm using "janked" here to mean "taken advantage of," which i suspect is not the proper slang usage. when i did a google definition search I got an entry from French Wikipedia, saying "Jank est un personnage du manga Fly." With my supreme translation powers, I've decided that this says "Jank is a totally fly personage involved with manga." Rock and roll.

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