are we serious here?

um. no. i did not pass this window display on Broadway a few days ago.

and it does not show a mannequin wearing leggings that are entirely made of lace. under denim cutoff minishorts. with an optic-pattern halter top that is eerily reminscent of that dress geena davis wore which is widely considered to be the most hideous dress of all time. and a white pleather belt with a six-inch-high guitar-shaped buckle.

no. no. definitely not.


Dov said...

actually, would have to say that Bjork's swan dress is uglier.... http://news.softpedia.com/images//news2/Bjork-s-Swan-Dress-Will-Be-Auctioned-For-Charity-2.jpg

EL said...

... on the other hand, Bjork's swan dress DID come in handy for Jon Stewart's funniest joke of the 2006 Academy Awards, when he said something to the effect of, "Sadly, not everyone can be here tonight. Bjork, for example, was trying on her dress when Dick Cheney shot her."

And in terms of ugliest dress, I am still rooting for Molly Ringwald's concoction at the end of Pretty in Pink. Really. Really. It doesn't get worse than that.*

*unless you put lace leggings underneath it. EVERYTHING gets worse when you put lace leggings underneath it.

Christie said...


Bluepaintred said...

you got a super good reveiw at Italk2much.com!

way to go!

Heather said...

I am shivering in fashion shock and disgust. I am no fashionista, but oh god that is ugly.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with that? I live in mainland China, and girls dress in that style all the time. Perhaps you're not aware of current international trends? Or perhaps the only valid culture is that of your own, and from your high seat you can make judgements about "foreign" cultures.

helen said...

anon, i live in new york, where girls also dress in this style all the time. i don't imagine i would find it any less retinally bothersome were i in mainland china. you could buy me a plane ticket and we could find out, though. i'd be up for some Science.