helen encounters another helen; cannot cope

So i just got back from "an evening with Helen Thomas" at the oh-so-swanky Princeton Club. It was, as promised, an evening with Helen Thomas. She gave a somewhat off-the-cuff speech about how angry she is about the White House press corps' wussiness when it came to dealing with The War On Terror Or Whatever, and then took questions from the somewhat intimate (and extremely aged) audience. It was interesting, Helen Thomas is pretty awesome (though she didn't go too deep in any of her analysis, she's still got it going for a four-thousand-year-old woman), and I got an autographed book out of it. She also told bitter and cynical anecdotes about people such as Paul Wolfowitz and Ari Fleischer, which made me happy. And this woman sitting behind me kept muttering right-wing opposition to whatever H-Thom said. Like when the topic turned to Stephen Colbert's White House Press Corps speech, the old lady behind me was whispering to no one in particular "it was disgusting! it was treason! it was an act of treason!" And that was pretty awesome also.

Here's the thing. Everyone kept talking about "Helen."
"Helen is truly an inspiration."
"Helen has paved the way."
"Helen takes no shit from anyone."
AND IT WAS REALLY BOTHERSOME. Stop stealing my name, yo. Now I know how all the Jennifers feel.


Contrary said...

Helen is really awesome. (that one was for you).

I'm enjoying your blog and came here from IT2M.

Naugler said...

Did you ever see the 'Kid's in the Hall' segment "30 Helens agree"?