tuesday glossaries are becoming a woman

It's been a while since we've had a Tuesday Glossary. Here's a great one.

The Newman-Goldfarb Protocols, n.

it sounds like a treaty: "China's unwillingness to come onboard with the Newman-Goldfarb Protocols heralds a real shift in the way the US and Russia are going to have to handle the matter of international shipping." Or maybe a rights-of-the-accused thing that indicates what police have to do: "Pursuant to the Newman-Goldfarb Protocols, officer, get your grubby hands off of there."

No, sorry.

The Newman-Goldfarb Protocols are a series of steps to induce lactation in individuals not otherwise hormonally predisposed to lactate. Such as adoptive mothers. And men.

That is all.


stockholm said...

According to this article the The Newman-Goldfarb Protocols aren't even needed. Men can induce lactation by suggestion. I just tried it. I can't.

helen said...

kyle, your google search history is now very incriminating.

shahbaz said...

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