monday morning moments in personal awkwardness

in which i learn to never actually express opinions, due to the incredibly high risk of revealed retardation.

helen: [person] is creepy.
helen: creeeeeeeepy.
friend1: um.
friend1: he's my boyfriend.
helen: seriously?
friend1: since september.


helen: the behnaz sarafpour collection at target is AWFUL.
helen: it's just total crap.
friend2: actually i already bought a shirt, a skirt, and pants.
helen: by total crap i mean incredibly awesome?


Kat said...

that is just great

Leila said...

Dude, did you see SNL this weekend? There was a whole amazing sketch about this very problem.

Anonymous said...

heheheheh don't worry, in theory, I agree: the collection is, mostly, crap. however, the jumper is heavily lined and the shell top is dreamyfloaty.

to be dressed up with couture, natch.

Kate said...

Helen, the fact that you're blogging again is saving me from 1L brief writing hell. I miss you! I can't wait to come back to NY.

Kat said...


Naugler said...

But Helen, you look so darn cute with your foot in your mouth!