blast from the (highly disturbing) past

almost exactly one year ago, leila, mia, and i found a giant rubbermaid container full of porn in the storage loft in my apartment. i mentioned it in a blog post and linked to the list of contents that we'd posted on craigslist under lost & found.

cleaning my room this evening, i found the original handwritten list of contents. and since craigslist trashes posts after a few weeks, i've decided to reshare with all of you the (abridged) list of porn-box contents, plus the picture we took for posterity. consider it an early christmas gift.

  • towel, dirty
  • bust magazine with cynthia nixon on cover
  • video: fast & easy coeds
  • video: no label (later revealed to be a brunette doing dirty things to a blonde)
  • video: just cumshots #66
  • 3 issues of Club magazine, one featuring a layout about "lusty lawyers"
  • video: virgin stories #3
  • moist towelettes
  • a sock
  • aromatherapy candle
  • video: virgin stories #6
  • 1 issue of Hustler
  • audiocassette of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
  • prescription antihistamines
  • open packet of condoms (unused)
  • various small stuffed animals
  • q-tips


-j. said...

Favourite item: "Bust" magazine. Presumably a major disappointment for the purchaser, or misfiled by the magazine shop.

Least favourite item: that single sock. Eck.

laurel said...

wasn't there a birthday card from a grandmother in there too? that made the story, for me.

Naugler said...

That just isn't ever going to stop being funny. I do however miss the inclusion of the soup can, and aforementioned birthday card.

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