the meat of the issue

This image appeared in an article in today's New York Times:

The article is about how New York City is now requiring restaurants that have publicly available nutrition information to list calorie counts on their menus, in an effort to make the city healthier and other such lovely paternalistic justifications. The picture is of two Burger King burgers: a triple whopper (1,230 calories) and a cheeseburger (330). The article jumps back and forth in tone between censuring the overreach of this civic dictate, and pointing out how disgustingly caloric most foods are.

Blah blah blah. Basically it inspired me to walk eleven blocks to go get lunch at Burger King. In the rain. That is all.


Kat said...

goddamn that looks delicious. maybe I'll have bk for dinner.

laurel said...

but what if you'd read the "master cleanse" article instead? the times is a fickle mistress.

Little Bill said...

how is it everywhere I go lately the master cleanse is cropping up in my awareness?

helen said...

i want to make some comment about how it's coursing through our popular awareness the way the waste matter will course through your colon, except: gross.