atkins-friendly eating

work-related googling has led me to strike gold, in the form of a chart listing the nutritional value of various insects.

thanks to my newfound discovery of the "show source" function in the "view" menu, i both feel like a genius-level internet hacker (hax0r?) and i can jank the table from the original website, rather than having to go through the arduous task of extracting highlights and presenting them to you with commentary. though i am intrigued to note that a small grasshopper has, apparently, more of everything than a large grasshopper.

i also wonder how one would go about identifying the carbohydrate count of a weevil.

update: i am in fact not a genius-level hax0r, or even hacker. i can't make the table work. just click the link. i will be over here in the corner being embarrassed.


brj said...

Wait, a red ant has 3.5g of fat??? Or is that a serving size of, say, 100 ants?

Moreover, does that mean ant-eaters have massive cardiovascular problems?

The mind boggles.

joe said...

I dunno. being able to do that shows some hax0r qualities, but not 1337 hax0r-dom (pronounced "leet", as in "elite.")
And i agree with brj. one ant doesn't even weigh 3.5 grams.

Naugler said...

"In Her Majesty's Navy, one must always choose the LESSER of two weevils."