existential friction

the secret history of Helen involves some twists and turns, the most notable among them being my brief stint as a jewish-interest sex columnist (yes, they spelled my middle name wrong).

on the strengths of my fluency with fetish-related punmaking, i became briefly journalistically entangled with the lovely & talented gregory levey, who has a really laudable piece on salon.com today, about the importance of paying attention to israel's arab citizens - a group who are neglected in most media coverage, as well as being neglected (both officially and unofficially) by their own government. despite my deep-seated distaste for Hard News, greg's written a smart and thoughtful article - a third personal reflection, a third fact-presentation, and a third exhortative towards awarness and action - that i did not fall asleep or alt-tab away from while reading. which is saying a lot. he also uses the phrase "existential friction," which alone i think ought to qualify him for pulitzer finalist status.

go read it. be a little smarter.


Gregory Levey said...

Thanks so much for the kind words, Helen, and for the shout-out. I really appreciate it.

It was a pleasure being briefly (journalistically) entangled with you - and I was always very sorry that it didn't continue.

I have unfortunately lost my email list from back then, and this was the only way I could figure out how to contact you. Drop me a line sometime - www.gregorylevey.com . (I'm back from the "good" ole Middle East.)


Marcin said...

Odd. I would have pegged you as a news junkie.