on language and farm animals

in today's browse of the new york times, i discovered two things of note.

the first is this awesome fluff piece on curly hair and its sociological whatevers. as someone in possession of a head of corkscrews that is gone at every other day with a straightening blowdryer that looks like an industrial-age sex toy covered in plastic spikes, i found the article interesting and ultimately disappointing in its lack of prescriptive revelation of a way to either make my curly hair forever smooth and shiny and straight, or smooth and shiny and curly. but the thing that really consumed my goat was this little shoutout to my alma mater:

Ginetta Candelario, an associate professor of sociology and Latin American and Latina/o Studies at Smith College, said the compulsion to have pin-straight hair grew out of the American experience.

the problem i have with this sentence is not Ginetta Candelario, with whom i never had a class but who was universally beloved by my cadre of sociology-student friends (hi neda!), but with the forehead-slapping hypersociocorrectiveliberalism of calling a department "Latina/o Studies." Oh my god. The bigenderized-via-slash adjective, the feminine preceding the masculine, the need to isolate this out from "Latin American" studies... I don't know where to begin. It simultaneously sets my brain on fire and devalues the currency of my diploma by at least 33%.

The last time Smith was mentioned in the nytimes it was the article on "Fat Studies." Which, fine, see my previous post on being a size 12, but why must Smith be the flag-bearer for every idiotically-named "Studies" academic department? Why god, why?

Okay, the other thing is much less rage-inducing, and it is this:

for those of you who are blinded by awesome and are now having this blog post read aloud to you, that would be a picture of a baby cow. buried in snow. licking its own nose.

could anything be better?
(hint: no)


Anonymous said...

The only thing that could be better might be knowing that the baby cow could join the ranks of other recent cute animals posted in not being raised specifically for execution and consumption.



Laurel said...

Not true that fat studies was the last time Smith was mentioned...check this out (from 1/5/07: there were TWO secret cold war bunkers in the Pioneer Valley!

Massachusetts: Chesterfield

A Grange hall, general store and 18th-century houses don't scream high-value target, but with a key interstate telephone line running through Chesterfield, a few miles west of Northampton, the government wasn't taking any chances. Outside town, a 40,000-square-foot bunker was buried 40 feet below ground in the early 1960s.

Today it houses Chesterfield Custom, a manufacturer of vinyl organizers and other office products, though it retains details like toilets spring-mounted to absorb shocks in an attack.

Frank Keefe, the company's chief executive, said that this bunker was where Richard Nixon's daughter Julie was to seek shelter if a war broke out while she was attending Smith College. ''There can be a blizzard going on, and you would never know it,'' Mr. Keefe said.

You can drive by 11 Bofat Hill Road, off East Street (Chesterfield Road), to judge for yourself.