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my distaste for My Least Favorite Book Of 2006, Special Topics in Calamity Physics, is perhaps outrun only by my distaste for its author, the obnoxious and smug Marisha Pessl.* but not everyone hates this book. leila thought it was one of her favorite books of last year (in fact, her copy of it is the one that's taking up valuable cookbooks-written-in-foreign-languages space in my bookcase), and gawker talks about her a lot. the otherwise quite insightful folks over at the New York Times said it was one of the 10 best fiction books of 2006, which is something which i am inclined to forgive, since their 2005 list brought me to Jonathan Ames' utterly perfect Wake Up, Sir!

The Times' hardcore makeoutage with Marisha (ps. what a lispy name) Pessl (ps. get some vowels) continued with last weekend's installment in their incredibly dumb (yet totally awesome) "Consumed" column, which basically operates on the formula of Minor Celebrity + Discussion Of A Favorite Possession = Credible Journalistic Endeavor.

Blah blah blah. Marisha has an oil paints set, gives soundbites that make her come off as self-pride incarnate, and needs to consider buying some home interior accoutrements in a color that is not brown.

here is the great part of this piece:

"There was some label on it saying that this is for the disciplined, advanced, professional painter," Ms. Pessl said, "and I’m just about the opposite of that."

At least, that is the hope. As much as she enjoys art-making — several of her drawings punctuate her novel — she is not looking to append the words "slash artist" to "novelist" on her résumé.

Earnest Times reporter David Colman probably meant the bolded phrase above to mean a résumé line that reads "novelist/artist." I bet he does. But poor sweet David Colman has inadvertently clarified for all the internets to know that Lispy McVowelfree is uninterested in becoming a Slash Artist, i.e. a maker of Slash Art, i.e. visual art depicting generally homosexual encounters between fictional characters who do not in fact engage in sexual acts in their original works of fiction. Such as, for example, Snape and Harry. or Batman and Robin. or, and i am totally incapable of making something like this up, Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr. Robotnik.

You can check it out for yourself here, which is a site whose existence i am aware of ONLY because it was the first google link when i just searched for "slash art" thirteen seconds ago. But as this site says on its splash page, If homoerotic images of fictional characters offend you please go elsewhere. And if you're looking for Marisha Pessl to be the creative hand behind your Fonzie-on-Chachi full-color visual, i'm afraid the Paper Of Record has informed us that you're shit out of luck.

*though to be fair, were i to meet her at a cocktail party i would try really really really hard to become her best friend.

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Mr Phipps said...

i did not enjoy Wake Up, Sir at all.

i am a fan of woodehouse, yes, but do not acredit my distaste to any sort of misguided fanboyism (can one be a fanboy in the traditional sense towards wodehouse? is it possible to ponder "Could Jeeves beat up Magneto?" and get worked up into a rabid fervor?).

i can't put my finger on why i disliked it either. it just struck me overall as being a hair off.