bridget jones, socialite

socialite Fabiola Beracasa is keeping a new york fashion week blog for nymag, which is diverting but ultimately meh. she has, however, minor moments of brilliance, and for some reason this excerpt struck me as precisely in the voice of Bridget Jones (from the book, not the movie, though admittedly the movie is in the book's voice), for which - in keeping with my this-really-ought-to-embarrass-me-more desperate love for all things Bridget, i might love Fabiola always. This despite her unBridgety qualities of (a) superskinniness and (b) massive bank accountness:

Went to the after-party at Joe's Pub for twenty minutes. The highlight was talking to Zidane in French for a while. He seemed happy; I suspect his English is not as strong as his head-butts.
the emphasis, naturalment, is mine. and yes, i deliberately left out bolding the "i" in order to make it even more bridget jonesian, an editorial act for which i am shamely unapologetic.

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Joelle said...

I have some serious Bridget Jones love. Pity the 2nd flick deviated from the book so much.