honor among vandals

astute subway riders who are making the transfer from the 1 train to the L train (for those of you who are not new yorkers, or are not astute subway riders, this involves walking down a long and vaguely creepy fluorescent-lit tunnel that runs about a quarter-mile underground between the two train stations) might have noticed that the walls on the transfer tunnel are covered, as most empty subway wallspace is, with advertisements.

the really astute among you would have noticed that there are really unattractive large stickers stuck all over all the advertisements, which are neon pink and have an icky-looking puppet on them, and are advertising a new season of Crank Yankers, which is funny if you are the sort of person who still cracks your shit up at the Jerky Boys and unironically enjoys the song "Boom! Shake the Room" by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. There are also a couple of similar stickers for the new season of Celebrity Deathmatch, which i find less stupid, but only because i have a soft spot for claymation.

but the seriously, astonishingly, massively astute among you will have noticed that these Crank Yankers and Celebrity Deathmatch stickers (both shows, it's worth noting, demoted from their original legit-tv channels - Comedy Central and MTV, respectively - to the "wait, seriously, that's still broadcasting?" station of MTV2) - no doubt applied by some hapless interns who were so excited to get a job working for Viacom, and are totally going to be the next Vanessa Minnillo/Gideon Yago/Whoever the heck - are NOT applied to the giant swathes of affectless black that are the posters for urge.com.

why? because urge.com is owned by viacom.

which means that these interns were told: go out and deface the advertising of every single company, broadway show, and dermatologist's office that you can find. but DO NOT put these stickers on ads belonging to our sister company. we have to retain their integrity.

i love this.


EL said...

Wow, you are seriously, astonishingly, massively astute. Well done.

josh said...
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josh said...

That is fantastic. Thank you for sharing this tale of corporate subterfuge.

(The shot at the poor Jerky Boys was completely uncalled for, though.)

Anonymous said...

I seriously think you should send this post to someone at viacom.