today's vocabulary lesson

a demagogue is someone who is a leader of the people.

a pedagogue is someone who is a leader of the children.

so what would you think a galactagogue is?

obviously a galactagogue is a platinum-clad leader of the galaxy. he probably has very soft hair and a deep voice and makes commanding decisions that cause serious swoonage among females and males alike, of all species and planetary origins. obviously.

sadly, no. a galactagogue is an herb or medicine that, um, causes women to lactate more easily.

which looks way less attractive in shiny space-pants.

(note: for more fun lactation vocabulary, check out my earlier post about the newman-goldfarb protocols. and yes, i realize 2 posts about lactation in 8 months is way too frequent for a nonpregnant nonmother.)

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beej said...

I am a galactagogue.