i dress well and am liked by all

for those of you out there who want to dress exactly like me, this is what i'm wearing today:

its awesomeness (hearts! on a tunic! cheekily reminiscent of the iconic patterns in prada's spring/summer 2000 collection!*) is rivaled only by its ability to generate compliments. which, in both cases, is a lot.

*also, when did i become a lady?

it is worth noting that it is pure coincidence that my clothing matches this webpage's color scheme. i am not that lame.

it is also worth noting that i am also wearing pants.

1 comment:

a lady said...

I heart anyone who becomes me.

PS: the chocolates Vosges sent me arrived today...a box of truffles and two bars.

needless to say, we're going to have a fab time Thursday.