i'd do you, MD: a scientific study

Mia G. and i were sitting on the futon talking swoonily about hot tv doctors when we were struck by a sudden Very Important Question: which tv show involving doctors has the highest proportion of male doctors characters who we would be willing to sleep with?

our findings were pretty significant. characters on doctor shows who we'd do are in bold.


  • JD
  • Turk (mia: he's too bouncy. me: racist.)
  • Dr. Cox
  • Dr. Kelso
  • The Todd
  • Janitor (me: mostly because he was linday lohan's dad in mean girls.)
  • Keith
  • Ted

total males: 8
total doable males: 5
proportion: 0.625

  • Derek
  • Mark
  • The Chief
  • Burke (mia: i don't know... me: you SO would. mia: i don't know... me: racist.)
  • Alex (mia: absolutely yes.)
  • George
  • Denny (mia: does it count even though he's dead?)

total males: 7
total doable males: 6
proportion: 0.8571

  • House
  • Chase
  • Forman (mia: ehhh, i don't think so. me: why do you only not want to do the black guys? mia: i hate you.)
  • Wilson

total males: 4
total doable males: 4
proportion: 1

results: crotchety wounded doctors for the win. nicely done, cast of House.


Anonymous said...

Helen - I am actually in love with your blog and it is generally BEYOND clever. So, must I point out that "the Janitor" is (check out his name) NOT a doctor. Neither is Denny. And what's with leaving out Elliot, Izzy and Callie? They're hot!! (yeah, I'm married, what's it to you)...

Becky B, from your JewCamp, NerdCamp, and JewSexWriter days :)

Marcin said...

More importantly, your methodology is flawed - why do you count a full point for doctors that only one of you approve of. YUOR SCIENCE SI WAEK OLD WOMANS!

bots! said...

you left out ER.

how sad.

-j. said...

Chase????? Really? Throw another weenie on the barbie.

James said...

Your analysis is heavily skewed by your bizarre evaluation of Ted from Scrubs. Also, you know that Burke is a homophobe right?

James said...

I meant, your bizarre undervaluation of Ted. He has a law degree! He was going to be a senator.

helen said...

james - you're saying you would sleep with ted?!

and isaiah washington is a homophobe. not burke. burke is dreamy.

James said...

It's not entirely fair to judge Ted's sexiness by whether or not an eminently heterosexual man would sleep with him. That said, he has a JD, and that has to count for something.