the internerd equivalent of a promotion

my dear boss, whom i adore, has just implied that she might be asking me to spend a larger portion of my workday reading blogs and reporting back to her on them.

god i love my life. seriously. here are some of my work-related activities, all of them officialy employer-sanctioned:

- read the internet
- get manicures
- correct others' grammar
- play nintendo
- learn about wine
- wax philosophical about ways to cook meat

of course, personal blogging at work is not employer-sanctioned, so i should probably get off this and get back to reading Gourmet while perfecting my Wii bowling skills.


LJD said...

for a second I thought you were stretching it with the manicures, but then I remembered the time you asked me to be a hand model. can we switch? because my boss has really been on this criticizing-my-stapling-skills kick lately.

Anonymous said...

I think you mean "whom," and not "who," girl who gets paid to correct others' grammar.

helen said...

fine fine whatever.