fun fact

a little happy-thursday tidbit for the new-york-dwelling of all y'all (keepin' y'all in health): you can go see fantastic classical music performances at juilliard for astonishingly little cash outlay. today i picked up two tickets to a student composer recital, two tickets to the commencement concert (a very big deal, the graduates really pull out all the stops), and two tickets to mozart's opera la finta giardiniera, at a total cost of $40.

for those of us who are poor and snobbish, this is like manna from heaven. eat it up.


Captain Smack said...

Well isn't that nice for you.

Ellen said...

How would one go about getting these cheap tickets? Do you have to go to the box office at a certain time, or have a super-secret password?

helen said...

ellen: just show up at the box office. the juilliard box office is a bit out of the way, but has a board posted with all the free shows and another board with all the student shows (generally no more than $20/ticket). if you go to a main lincoln center box office, just ask if there are any free shows coming up and they'll likely just hand you the tickets.

Anonymous said...


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ljd said...

This is especially nice because undergrad music students everywhere, even juilliard, get REALLY excited when people come to their concerts who aren't a) their moms, or b) classmates who are required to attend for credit. I know because my little brother tells me so.