the ones that got away

yesterday i chased a woman through the union square subway station wearing kitten heels (not an easy task, i assure you) entirely because she had the most astonishing cankles i have ever seen.

i was egged on by mia g., who stayed at a safe distance while i walk-ran, cameraphone out, from the R train all the way to the exit by D'Agostino's. for those of you who aren't New York-based, that is a long freaking way to chase the world's most perfect pair of cankles.

For those of you who don't know what cankles are, they are when a person's legs, which normally taper from calf to ankle and then flare out again at the foot, run straight down from knee to sole. it's not terribly attractive. it's quite unfortunate.

speaking of quite unfortunate, no pictures ultimately ensued. the woman in question was walking way too briskly for me to get anything nonblurry, and i gave up in frustration when she went through the turnstile to leave the station. documenting perfect cankles is worth something, but it's not quite worth another $2 subway fare.


RW said...

She had big cankles and was wearing kitten heels?

Captain Smack said...

It's that kind of dedication that sets you apart from the rest, Helen, and will one day make you rich and famous.

annie said...

I keep hearing of these but never really see a good photo. I bet you could make money selling the photo to various sites for an example.

The only thing worse is a woman with shapeless legs, like baseball bats.

Anonymous said...

So the question is, why are you paying per ride for the subway? That makes no sense.

Jules said...

My mother has these "cankles", they are due to a disease called lymphodema. Great that you have nothing better to do with your day than run around taking photos of people that aren't as physically perfect as yourself.