behold the bearded lady!

i went to the beard awards, and hijinx ensued. some highlights:

  • there was a red carpet, and i walked it. (no one cared.)

  • food professionals are easily distinguished from food groupies because, in an opposite scenario to normal celebrity/fan relationships, food professionals are oddly dressed and chubby, while food groupies are very thin and attractive. (i am, technically, both a professional and a groupie. so i compromised by being both nonthin and very well dressed.)

  • Heather Storm, the incompetent host, accidentally referred to Bobby Flay as a "hoo-hoo honoree" instead of a "who's who honoree," which was hilarious because Bobby Flay is a total douche and, well, think about it.

  • some unfortunate honorees had to walk up to the stage to the mournful opening strains of "American Pie" by Don McLean, which someone decided would be a brilliant musical cue apparently based entirely on the inclusion of the word "pie" in its title.

  • Martha Stewart was there. She was (yes) wearing a look of barely-concealed disdain, and (no) not wearing an ankle lojack.

  • there exists in Pittsburgh a restaurant that serves a sandwich that has french fries on the sandwich as a condiment. this restaurant was, appropriately, awarded an honor.

for the full story, check out my dispatch on the astonishingly well-written boston menupages blog* (basically eater for the boston crowd).

*our very own leila is its autheuse!


Leila said...

Is autheuse really a word? Also, thanks for both the lovely shoutout and your mad contributor skillz.

helen said...

i am pretty sure it is not a word officially. but then, i am not an official.

Marcin said...

You're telling me that someone got an award for selling a chip butty? I believe that that award belongs to every single chippy in Britain.

helen said...

you british people scare me.

James said...

So when I saw the word "menupages" I thought it said "menupause," and then I thought, that's a great word for a chef who, you know, loses his creative, err, fertility.

Marcin said...

Next time we're geographically co-located, I'll make you one.