behold! my laundry

i got back from a weekend of furniture-buying and debauchery to find an advertising-email shilling detergent. (why yes, i do live an astonishingly glamorous life.)

thing is, the detergent in question is All: Small & Mighty. this is wonderful for two reasons. first, holy crap, the laundry detergent has a subtitle. second, speaking of holy things, the word "small" on the bottle is, well, small. which means that at first glance, the bottle of detergent reads: all mighty.

this is, for obvious (godlike religious smiting-thine-enemies omniscience) reasons, kickass. also i generally speaking like this detergent, use it in my everyday life, and advocate its purchase by others.

for added fun, go to all's website for an astonishingly creepy flash animation of a bottle of detergent growing the limbs and head of the Snuggle Bear.


-j. said...

Oh, thank goodness we didn't have to sit through any of those dreary debauchery stories!

helen said...

the debauchery included, but was not limited to:
- going to ikea
- sleeping on a floor
- veggie burgers

i know, i know, you want to be me.

-j. said...

Wow, if that qualifies as debauchery, I'm a veritable rake.

Captain Smack said...

When you said the flash animation was creepy, I didn't realize you meant "Japanese Anime" creepy.

Those "Snuggles" commercials used to kind of freak me out.