i'm pretty much a socialite

besides engaging in fashion designer shenanigans, your valiant blogwriter (that's me!) will be attending tonight's James Beard Awards, which are basically the academy awards of the food world except with more scandal and more fat people. i might come out of it with utterly scintillating food-world gossip. i suggest holding your breath.

in the meantime, you can amuse yourself by reading the menu that i will be consuming this evening, and envying me so hard you run the risk of having an asthma attack.


Liz said...

1 - whoa, nelly, morels all over the place.

2 - you MUST report back on what "cotton candy foie gras" is like. even though i'm not entirely certain that i want to know, because: ew?

3 - i'm contemplating, very seriously, the possibility of having an asthma attack whilst simultaneously holding my breath. awesome.

helen said...

yeah, basically i am really into my readers' respiration habits.

Kate said...

No, seriously, you had me at cotton candy foie gras. I will be studying for my property exam tonight. Consider me extremely jealous.

Captain Smack said...

That's a lot of food, Helen. I'd be less concerned about your readers respiratory conditions, and more focused on preparing for your own upcoming gastronomical issues.

I'd invest in a pack of Rolaids at least.