further adventures in other helens

almost exactly a year ago, i met helen thomas at a book-signing event at the princeton club, and promptly flipped out because her name is helen and my name is helen and holy crap that is way more than i can bear, and really it's a good thing that i'm not named jessica or emily because i'd just be in a constant state of existential crisis, and whenever someone complimented me i'd be incredibly worried that it was actually a different melissa's skirt that they liked, and there would be a lot of self-doubt going on.

anyway this post is just to say that we were in the same room again this weekend, but i weathered it with significantly more grace. slow and steady personal growth, that's my motto. also holy goodness she is old.


Captain Smack said...

My aunt's name is Helen, and she's crazy.

Helen 2.0 said...

My name's Helen too! When I met Helen Thomas, I was supposed to be her handler at a memorial dedication in DC. It was 7 in the morning, she couldn't quite grasp the concept that we had the same name (I chalk it up to fatigue).

Anonymous said...

Helen Thomas is God. She needn't concern herself with such things, though you other Helens are right to respect her awesomeness.