happy service anniversary!

my credit card company called me today to wish me a happy service anniversary. isn't that lovely of them? i've apparently been allowing them to be owed debt from me for exactly eight years now. awww. balloons for everyone.

as an anniversary gift, they've given me a thousand Rewards Points, which are not things i realized i had been accumulating for the past eight years. let me tell you: when you live in New York on an entry-level book publishing salary, you use your credit card a lot. you accumulate a lot of rewards points. if i had as many dollars as i had reward points, i would increase my net worth by something on the order of 1000%.

with my reward points i can get a number of things. a gift card to applebee's. a stand-up electronic can opener. a lotion/body wash set. you can see i'm drowning in riches here.

here is where things get beautiful: if i get 100 more rewards points, i move up to the next prize category. so to find out if it was worth it to shell out another hundred bucks on the card, i clicked over to see what was in the next group.

there is one thing. do you know what it is? this thing that, if i have put a total of twelve thousand five hundred dollars on my credit card, i can be entitled to?

it is a book.
that my company publishes.
that i helped work on.

sometimes the horrible inevitability of life hurts me, a little.

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Anonymous said...

You're pretty funny. Keep it up.